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Utilità Generale
Bizzarri - Curiosi
Bizzarri - Strani
Bizzarri - Tasteless
Commodore 64 e Spectrum
Cultura e Letteratura
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Utilità Generale
The Aneurysm IRC Stuff
(Protect yourself against Lamers & War-farers on IRC) (Anonymous Surfing)
Anonymous.To (anonymous e-mail)
Build your own PC (Step by step instructions on building your own PC)
Channel 1 Internet
CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) (The Computer Network)
Computer Valley (La Repubblica)
Daniel's Hardware Guide
Everything E-Mail
Il Gergo Telematico
Guida Completa ai Motori di Ricerca
iWORLD (Internet News and Resources) (The Ability Utility)
M@ilgate (Gateway con tutti i newsgroups italiani)
Mailing list italiane
Non Solo Kick (Il sito italiano dell'IRC)
PGP in 10 Punti
Queen Help (La grande guida al mondo di Internet)
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ (Italiano)
Search Engine Watch
System Optimization
Unicore (The largest variety of ROM BIOS upgrades)
WebRing (The Shape of Things to Come)
The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server

Vivi Roma (La città online)

IOL - Italia On Line
TIN - Telecom Italia Net (ex TOL e VOL)


Bizzarri - Curiosi

The Useless Pages

3-D Web (The Premier Site for Stereoscopic Imagery)
Abuse-A-Tron (insulti)
Addicted to: Stuff
The Alternative Dictionaries (International Slang) (the CRANKIEST site on the web)
Anonima Fumetti - Centro Nazionale del Fumetto
Anthony's most annoying of the Web
Argon Zark (Online comic book)
Ask Dr. Science! (...He knows more than you do!)
Cartoons News on the Web (Luca Boschi)
Cyber Funnies
The Cynic's Sanctuary
Do It Yourself Psychoanalysis: The Virtual Support Hotline
Doctor Fun (UK)
Dumb Laws
Duna è... (Sito ufficiale della Fiat Duna)
The Froggy Page
Generatore di anagrammi a frase in italiano
A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys
Homecoming (A sci-fi spoof/dark comedy)
IllusionWorks (Interactive Optical Illusions)
The Internuts
Invention Dimension
The Labirinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Life Tools (Mind Machines, Lucid Dreams, etc.)
The Lycaeum (The world's largest entheogenic library and community)
The Mad Scientist Network
Milo Manara Home Page
The Museum of Weird Consumer Culture
NanoWars (fumetto)
The Phobia List
Nom en hieroglyphes (Cartiglio con nome in simboli)
The Purity Test
The Road To NoWhere
The Straight Dope
Toiletology 101 (A Free Course in Toilet Repairs)
Vision of the Future (Philips)
Wall O'Shame
World Birthday Web (WBW)


Bizzarri - Strani

The Weird Places On The Net
Worst of the Web

Atomic Books
ATU XVIII Forteana
Backwards! (Surf the Web backwards!)
Bizarre (Magazine)
Blather (Fortean E-zine)
The Charles Fort Institute
Fate Magazine
The Flat Earth Society
Fortean Times Online (The journal of strange phenomena)
Gallery of Obscure Patents
Hot AIR (The Annals of Imbrobable Research)
The Kooks Museum
News of the Weird
Ovi's World of the Bizarre
Strange Magazine Web
This is True
Weird Tales from New Scientist
The Weirdly-Wired Web Stuff Journal
Weird Research, Anomalous Physics (Weird Science)


Bizzarri - Tasteless

The Booger Page - "Digging for Gold?"
Crash Site (Boredom and Apocalypse. Home of Hopeless Sexuals)
Eating Insects
Internet Crime Archives (Digital Home of the Mass Murdering Serial Killer)
Needful Things (Travelsickness Bags)
No Shitting in the Toilet (The travel guide for when you've really lost it)
Rectal Foreign Bodies
Rotten Dot Com (An archive of disturbing illustration)
Serial Killers: In their own words...
Stupid Human Noises
Trash On Line
Vomitus Maximus Museum


Commodore 64 e Spectrum

64'er (Das Magazin für Computerfans)
The Almighty Commodore 64 (Home of Commodore 64 Games)
The C64 Adventure Game Solutions and Walkthrough Site
C64 Game Guide
The C64 Games WWW Home Page
The C64 Italian Home Page
CCS64 (The Ultimate Commodore 64 emulator)
ClassicGaming (Come Back 64)
Commodore 64 (Commodore 8-bit Server)
The Commodore 64 Homepage
Commodore C64 Stuff
The Commodore 64 Web Shrine
Commodore FTP Site (Emulatori)
Commodore Ring
Computer History and Emulation Homepage
Computerbrains (CCS64 Beta)
Dave's Video Game Classics
Dave's Video Game Classics (mirror in italiano)
Digital Nostalgia
The Electric Mayhem - Laner's Commodore 64 Website
EMU News Service
FairLight64 (Bacchus)
Frodo (The free portable C64 emulator)
Gamebase64 (Frontend for Vice, CCS64)
GO64! - Das Magazine für C64 und C128 Fans
IENA (Italian Emulation News Agency)
International Project 64
The Italian Emulation Palace (Ludus)
Jetman's Speccy Nostalgia Trip (ex The Spec-Cave)
Martin Pough's Commodore 64 Page (C64 Programs)
MJK's Commodore 64 & LCD Page
Patrick van der Poel's Commodore 64 Cartridge Roms
PHS EDV Beratung (C64S English/Deutsch)
PK's Commodore 64 Page
Planet Sinclair
The New Project 64
Snapsearch - Sinclair ZX Spectrum related files search engine
The Star Commander homepage
The Star Commander homepage
The ZX Spectrum Software Museum


Cultura e Letteratura

Alex - A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet (Il libro nella rete)
L'Archivio (Associazione Culturale)
ArchNet (WWW Virtual Library - Archeology)
ARGE (Archaelogical Resource Guide for Europe)
Banned Books On-line
BookWire (Inside the Book Business)
The Borderline (Humor e-zine)
CitazioNet (Citazioni, aforismi, battute, ecc.)
Comedy Central
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Dinosauri (La vera storia dei dinosauri)
Elements of Style (W. Strunk jr)
The Etext Archives
E-Zine-List (John Lobovitz) (Il Circolo Letterario Telematico)
The History Net (Where History Lives on the Web)
The Human-Languages Page
ICCU (Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico SBN)
InterGO Free Library
The Internet Public Library
Ipertesti e cultura della complessità
KZF (Foundation to Communications Diffusion)
Kult (La prima rivista multimediale underground italiana)
Liber Liber
Literary Undermachine (L. Miglioli - Neural)
The Mysterious Home Page
(A Guide to Mysteries and Crime Fiction on Internet)
The Official Misc.Writing Web Site
The On-line Books Page
An Online Library of Literature
The Online Writery (Conversation Coffehouse for Writers)
Project Gutenberg (Fine Literature Digitally Re-Published)
Romarch (Roman art and archeology)
Scrivenery (A Place for Writers)
Il sorriso degli dei (Romanzo transrealista)
StoryWare (Rubrica di MC Microcomputer)
suck. (Fighting literary laziness with fresh daily contents)
Summer Institute of Linguistics
Thomas Pynchon Home Page
The Tramp BBS (Cyberpunk - Cyberdreams)
webCATS (Library Catalogues on the WWW)
The Web's Edge (UnderWorld Industries' Cultural Playground)
Writing-Related Resources
The ZineRack (Your BookMark to the Best WebZines OnLine)


Fantascienza e Horror

Absolute Horror
Ai confini della realtà
Beyond the Farthest Star (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics, Etc.)
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey (The Horror Webpage)
Casebook: Jack the Ripper
The Dark Side of The Net
Delos Science Fiction (e-zine italiana)
De Web Mysteriis (Cthulhu Mythos on the Web...)
The Dominion - Sci-Fi Channel
Editrice Nord
The Ethereal Sanctuary (A home for werewolf)
Factasia (Home of Factasy)
Famous Monsters of Filmland
Fantasia: Futuristic Classics (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror)
The First Millennial Foundation
Futuro News on line (Fanucci)
Galaxy - Science Fiction Webzine
Gallery of the Damned
HR Giger (Official Web Site)
The Hitch Hickers Guide to the Galaxy (Megadodo Publications)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams Page)
Hologram Tales (The Magazine of SF, Fantasy & Horror)
Horror Haven Movie Archive
Horror Writers Association
Internet Speculative Fiction Database
IT (La rivista horror del cyberspazio)
The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
The L-Space Web (Terry Pratchett)
Lobster Man from Mars
Max Headroom - Into the Millennium
MC-link Fantascienza
MIT Science Fiction Society
Nightmare Factory
Ooze (e-zine)
Page of the Living Dead
Psychotronic Cinema - WWW Science Fiction Film Page
Quanta (Sci-Fi e-zine)
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Science Fiction Weekly (e-zine)
Star Trek: WWW (The Mother of all Star Trek Sites)
Stephen King
Tales from the Crypt
Trauma (Horror, SF & Fantasy Magazine)
Uchronia (The Alternate History List)
Vampyres Only (italiano)
The X-Files



The Cheat Zone
The Cheaters Guild
Games4U (Walktrough's - Cheatcodes - Trainers)
Il Gioco nel Mondo
The Spoiler Centre
The Spoiler Centre (UK)
Universal Hint System (UHS) (Official Site)
Universal Hint System (UHS)

The Interactive Index
Guide to The Interactive Fiction Archive
IF-Archive (de)
IF-Archive (us)
IF World Online
Infocom (Imagination sold and serviced here)
Interactive Fiction according to Fredrik
Interactive Fiction on the Web
The Interactive Fiction Page

IFN Magazine (Interactive Fiction Now)
SPAG (Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games)
XYZZY news (Magazine for Interactive Fiction Enthusiasts)


Giochi - Informazione

The Adrenaline Vault
Computer Games online (Strategy Plus)
The Electric Playground
Fumetti e Videogames (TIN)
The GamePage
Game Planet
Gamers Central (explote the world of PC gaming...)
Gamer's World
Game Planet
The GamerZone (For all your gaming needs)
Gamesmania (italiano, uhs)
The Games Mansion
Happy Puppy Games
Hidden Worlds (it)
History of Home Video Games Homepage
In Game
Inrete - Pagina giochi
Ludus (e-zine videogiochi)
Overgame (Rivista italiana di Videogiochi)
Paragon Online (NetUser, Internet Today)
Skyseeker (it)
Ultimate Gaming Resource!
Xenia on line (The Games Machine, PC Action, ecc.)

Electronic Arts
Lucas Arts


Giochi - Adventure e RPG

The Addventurers
Adventure Game List
Adventure Game Walkthroughs
Adventure Online Gaming - Gameworld
Agonistika (Teatro della Mente)
Archive - Text Adventures (ZX Spectrum)
The Complete Roleplaying Resource Page
Club 3M WWW Game Server (Labirinto maledetto)
Foxie's Adventure Archive
Just Adventure
Kaos Online (Il mensile del fantastico)
The PBeM News
(Serving RPG, Strategy and other kinds of Play by eMail games)
PDD's Adventure Page
Play by Mail (PBM) Games Home-page
The Roguelike Games Home Page
Text Adventures
Ultima Online
Web RPG (The Internet Role-Playing Games Resource)

Adventure on the Web
Castle Sonnenstein 2D
The Colossal Cave Adventure Page
Il Mondo di Baihen (Il Demone di Lo-Sirt - Il piano di Orthac)
Exodus Colony
Imperial Nomic
The GEAS Village (Adventure con grafica)
Holo (NU****)
Hunt the Wumpus (Adventure)
The Kingdom of New Caithness
Tunnels & Trolls: The Tower Fiend


Giochi - MUD & C.

Cardiff's MUD Page
The Center for Imaginary Enviromenments
CSUWEB Mudlist
Giochi in Italia
Internet Virtual Worlds Online Companion
Internet VR Sites
Luditalia (MUD, MUSH, MOO, BBS e Talker italiani)
The MUD Connector
The MUD Resource Collection

Discworld MUD
Little Italy WWW Server (Sito Web)
Little Italy (Telnet)
Lumen et Umbra (Sito Web)
NannyMUD Homepage
Nebbie Arcane (Sito Web - Telnet)
Tempora Sanguinis II
TerraFirmA (Sito Web)

Avalon (Sito Web)
Dawn of the Immortals (Sito Web)
Elendor (Sito Web)
Nirvana (Telnet)
The Sprawl (Sito Web)
Unsafe Haven (Sito Web)
Unsafe Haven (Telnet)
Worlds (Mud-Chat grafico)


Giochi - Interattivi on line

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Gamer's Zone (***)
Games and recreation (Interactive Games)
Internet Gaming Zone (Microsoft)
Il Giallo è in rete
Ludo.Net (Ludoteca Telematica)
Tor's Page of (more or less) Interactive Games on the Web
The Virtual Mystery Theater...
Zarf's Ex-List of Interactive Games on the Web

Dr. Fellowbug's Laboratory of Fun & Horror
Caverns of Blood - Castle Quest
Husband Lover Spy
The Maze
The Nightmare Gallery
The Ultimate Puzzle Site



AJR NewsLink (American Journalism Review)
BioTec On-Line
CNN Interactive
Colombo (Il Nuovo Mondo da Internet in poi)
Confessioni (Totem Comic)
The Economist
erewhon (arti, letterature, scienze)
Golem (Rivista)
Golem (Idoli e televisione)
Il Manifesto
Mondo Medi@ (La Web Directory dell'Editoria) (la guida all'informazione on line)
Postmodern Culture
Reporters online
Resources for the Writer in the Web
RCS Online (Rizzoli Corriere della Sera)
La Repubblica
Slate (Microsoft)
La Stampa
Lo Scienziato in Poltrona
Trax (Cultura e Spettacolo online)
WebTime (Il mondo dell'informazione online)


Informazione - Movimenti

AGAVE (Atelier Gluck Archivio Virtuale degli Eventi)
Decoder On Web (ShaKe Edizioni Underground)
DFC (Digital Future Coalition)
E.C.N. - European Counter Network
EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation
Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (Telèma, CIRT)
Isole nella Rete (ECN)
The neW luTHer BliSSett's Internet page
Luther Blissett Home Page (Warning! Psichogeographical Site)
Luther Blisset Home Page (2mila8)
Manifesto Destinies
Il Mare Neoista (Primo Manifesto dell'Intergalattica Neoista)
Neoism online
Neural online (The Archives of the Situazionalists)
Peacelink (Telematica per la pace)
Il Pianeta Rosso di Fura
Rheingold's Brainstorms
Slap Press
Spunk Press
(An Online Archive of Anarchist and Alternative Materiale)
Strano Network


Informazione - Ricerche

AIB-WEB (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche)
The Argus Clearinghouse (The Internet's Premier Research Library)
The Daily News (Original Zippo's News Service)
Data Sources (The WWW Virtual Library)
Dejanews (The Souce for Internet Newsgroups)
The Electronic Newsstand - ENEWS (The Ultimate Magazine Site)
The Etext Archives
FAQ Finder (Superb Net)
Free Internet Encyclopedia
Galaxy (The professional's guide to a world of information)
Gopher Jewels
Green Eggs Report (Rumor Database System - Usenet)
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
The High-Tech Reader
Index Librorum Liberorum
The Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy
Liszt (Directory of E-Mail Discussion Groups)
New York Public Library
Newsgroups Archives
The Newsletter Library (over 11.000 free Newsletters)
Oxford University - Newsgroup
Reporters sans Frontiers
Settore CyberPunk
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
SWIF (Servizio Web Italiano per la Filosofia)
Tile.Net (Mailing lists, Usenet Newsgroups, Vendors, FTP Sites)
Yahoo! - Public Access Usenet Sites


Leggenda - Mito - Religione

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive (alt.folklore.urban) Web Site
Centro per la Raccolta delle Voci e Leggende Contemporanee
Church of Satan
The Church of the SubGenius (Brain Toolkit and Surreality Reboot)
Church of the Subgenius
Church of the Subgenius
Computer Virus Myths
Consumer Report: Which Religion is the Best?
DeathNET (Advancing the Art & Science of Dying Well)
The Encyclopedia Mythica
Esonet (Il primo Network Esoterico Italiano)
The Great God Contest
Hell - The Online Guide to Satanism
The Holy Church of Moo
Leggendopoli (La città dell'immaginario umano)
McChurch Tabernacle
The Mystical Site
Mythology on the Web: A cyberspace guide to mythology
Myths & Legends
Mythtext (Mythology from All Over The World)
The Papyrus of Ani (The Egyptian Book of the Dead)
Sea Tails Online (Mermaids)
The Secular Web (Internet Infidels)
SPONGE (Simple People Opposing Neverending Gaudy Endeavors)
Tales of Wonder (Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World)
Urban Legends Reference Pages



Adventures Beyond
The Alchemy Web site
The Ancient World Web
The Anomalist (Exploring the mysteries of science, nature and history)
The Bigfoot Phenomenon
Black-Ops (Encyclopedia of Conspiracies)
The Chupacabra Home Page
(Comitato italiano per il controllo delle affermazioni sul paranormale)
(Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)
Earth Mysteries
The GhostWatcher
Gonzo Links
(Your online guide to millennial America)
Hillhouse Investigations Inc. (Paranormal Detective Agency)
The Illuminati
The Illuminati Outline of History
The Illuminati Pages
Instructions for meeting Time Travellers
The International UFO Museum & Research Center
Istitut Virtuel de Cryptozoologie
JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation)
The Legend of Nessie
MMM on the WWW
(Martin Mystère Misteries on the World Wide Web)
Men in Black
Mysterious Places (Ancient Civilizations and Sacred Sites)
Mystical World Wide Web
Nessie on the Net
Nexus Magazine
A New World (UFO's, Mysteries & Phenomena)
The North America Science Institute (Bigfoot)
The Ooga Booga Page
Paranormal Network
Protree Alternative Information Center
The Quest (The Truth Is Out There...)
Skeptical Pages by Tommy Persson
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Skeptics Society Web (Skeptic Magazine, etc.)
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Who is Your Master? (Conspiracy Page)
The Witches Web


Misteri - UFO

Abductees Anonymous (International Association of Experiencers)
Alien Autopsy - The ongoing investigation and other stories
Alien On Line (Roswell)
Aliens, Aliens, Aliens
Alt.Alien.Visitors FAQ
Anomalous Images and UFO Files
Are 51 Information Services and Alien Tourist Bureau
AUFORA Web (The Alberta UFO Research Association)
Bufora On-Line (British UFO Research Association)
CISU On Line (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici)
CNI News (Global News on Contact with Non-human Intelligence)
The Contact Project
CUN OnLine (Centro Ufologico Nazionale)
The Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Page
The Face and Other Unusual Objects on Mars
Hangar 18
Internet UFO Group - The Bob Lazar FAQ
ISUR (International Society for UFO Research)
Protree UFO Center
Roswell Centre
The Roswell Incident
The Roswell Resource Centre
Rutgers UFO Site
Schwa (The Schwa Corporation)
SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
TUFOP (The Ultimate UFO Page)
UFOs in the 90s
UFOmind - Guide to Knowledge
Wally World UFO Home Page
The Ultimate Ufologists Web Page (Pics,)



CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers)
COW - Comedy on the Web (Wire Man, I can't believe they said that)
DISp (Dipartimento di Italianistica e Spettacolo)
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
Emap MediaWeb
HumorNet UK
I.script (Area di sceneggiatura cinetelevisiva)
Monthy Python's Completely Useless Web Site
Monthy Python Home Page
PythOnline (Monthy Python)
Zoetrope Screenplay Submissions
Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page
The Script Emporium
SIAE (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori)
SIAE (sito interno - link)
Talenti (La banca dati dello spettacolo)
UK Laughter Links
United States Copyright Office


Spettacolo - Cinema

The Big List of Movie Mistakes
Cam's Movie Zone
David Cronenberg Home-Page
The Edward D. Wood jr. Home Page
The Film Maker's Home Pages (A Resource For Filmmakers)
The Internet Movie Database
Istituto Luce
The Marx Bros.
The Movie Cliches List
Movie Faults
The Movie Posters Archive
The Movie Sounds Page
Movies & More
Mr. Showbiz
Online Guide To Eraserhead
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Italian Fans
Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Page
Tromaville! (Troma Film Studios)


Spettacolo - Musica

Addicted To Noise
The Classical MIDI Archive
Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA)
Mega-MIDI Archive
MTV Online
MusicBase (WEA)
Music Online
Videomusic on line


Spettacolo - Radio e TV

AudioNet (The Broadcast Network on the Internet)
BBC TV & Radio
Britcomedy Digest
CB Live (Worlwide Live Radio and Live TV Listing)
COMFM (Guida ai media live su Internet)
Euro TV (Programmi delle TV Europee)
Golem - Idoli e Televisioni
Interactivity (La voce della rete delle reti)
Live Radio on the Internet
NetRadio Network
Personal TV (La televisione col filtro)
RadioClassics (RealAudio)
Radio Spirits (When Radio Was, Radio Movie Classics)
RAI - Radiotelevisione italiana
RealPlayer (RealPlayer site)
Station 2000
Striscia la Notizia (La voce dell'internettenza)
Tomorrow's World
Trasmissioni Radio in Lingua Italiana
The Ultimate TV Show List
VDOnet (VDOlive site)

The Bit Screen (An Online Digital Theater)
SCUMS - The Web Series


Spettacolo - Teatro

Corso di Dizione
The Dramatic Exchange
PRO.S.IT. (produzione Spettacoli Immagini Teatro)
Prove Aperte (Concorsi e notizie per i mestieri dello spettacolo)
Sipario International



City.Net Travel
ETN (European Travel Network)
Hotel-Connect (The on-line reservation system for Belgian hotels)
The Hotel Guide
Hotels & Travel On The Net
The Internet Guide to Hostelling
Lonely Planet Travel Guides
Open World
The Rough Guide (HotWired)
Rough Guides
Viaggi - Avventure nel Mondo


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